23 January 2017

Article on Trump’s Tax Plan Quotes ACR

The Alliance for Charitable Reform was cited in an article by Kay Bell of NerdWallet concerning President Donald Trump’s proposed limit on itemized deductions. The article, titled “How to Prep (or Not) for Trump Proposed Tax Campaigns,” noted that Trump’s revised tax plan includes the charitable tax deduction in his proposed cap on deductions, causing the philanthropic community to worry about its status.

“Cuts, caps and limitations on the deduction mean less money for charities and those they serve. That can’t be what Mr. Trump intends,” Sandra Swirski, executive director of the Alliance for Charitable Reform, said in a statement following the release of the revised tax plan. “The charitable deduction is not a loophole, it’s a lifeline.”

More than 30 news outlets have picked up the story including the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Antonio Express. The President’s tax plan is sure to be discussed at the 2017 ACR Summit for Leaders in March, which is now open for registration.