16 November 2015

Contact Your Members of Congress on Charity Legislation

With the year-end tax bill now being negotiated, we are urging members of Congress to push to include two provisions aimed at increasing charitable giving – and we need your help! With our champions on Capitol Hill asking us to weigh in with their colleagues, we are providing you with instruction on how to contact your member of Congress:

  • Go here
  • Enter your zip code and click “show me”
  • Your Senators and Representatives will appear on the next page, along with their phone numbers in DC
  • Call their office
  • State your name and organization, and ask to speak to the tax staffer
  • Odds are you will be sent to voicemail or be asked to leave a message with the receptionist

In either case ask them to “tell Senator X or Rep. X to support adding to the tax extenders bill two provisions. One to streamline the private foundation excise to a flat 1 percent and a second to allow donors to give from their IRAs to donor-advised funds.”