28 February 2017

The Final Numbers on the 100 Years of Giving Fly-in

The final numbers are in for the “100 Years of Giving D.C. Fly-in,” which was hosted by the Charitable Giving Coalition on February 16.

  • Nearly 200 nonprofit leaders from 37 states participated.
  • Of those 200 attendees, 130 were from outside of DC and 140 had never attended a CGC fly-in before. This is a telling statistic because that means that we’re growing our coalition.
  • Attendees met with almost a quarter of the offices in Congress, including 23 offices of members of the Senate Finance Committee and 26 offices of members of the House Ways and Means Committee.
  • Twenty percent of the meetings were with members of Congress.

Attendees thought most offices were appreciative of the information they shared about the impact of the House blueprint on private giving and were concerned once that impact was explained to them.

One overwhelming response we received from participants was that the fly-in was professionally run and well organized. Many wanted to come back to town and do it again! We thank everybody who participated in the fly-in and encourage you to look for future fly-in opportunities that ACR and the CGC will organize in the future.