07 June 2017

Johnson Amendment Debate Unveiled

Four nonprofit leaders shared their arguments in favor of, and in opposition to, a repeal of the Johnson Amendment – the legislation that prohibits 501(c)(3) organizations from intervening on behalf of political candidates or campaigns – in a project unveiled by The Philanthropy Roundtable. Those leaders include:

The topic of repealing the Johnson Amendment has proven to be a hot-button issue, even dividing many within the nonprofit sector. Some argue that the Johnson Amendment stifles free speech while others argue it appropriately keeps partisan politics and spending out of the charitable sector. The Philanthropy Roundtable has chosen not to take a position on whether or not to repeal the Johnson Amendment at this time and as such, can serve as a platform for a broad discussion surrounding the issue. The Roundtable presented a series of questions to the leaders for a deep dive into the practical, theoretical and constitutional issues surrounding this debate.

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