11 December 2013

Friday Deadline for Signatories of Wyden/Thune Letter

You may recall that Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and John Thune (R-SD) – both members of the Senate Finance Committee that oversees tax policy – authored a letter to fellow congressional members urging them to support protecting the “full value” of the charitable deduction. The deadline for other Senators to sign-on to this letter is this Friday and we are calling on you for help. Congress needs to send a clear message concerning the importance of protecting charitable giving, so we cannot afford to pass up this bi-partisan opportunity. Please contact the staff members of your Senators responsible for this issue and urge them to encourage their boss to join Senators Wyden and Thune by signing this letter. For the appropriate staffer, please contact Sara Barba (sbarba@urbanswirski.com).

To make this effort as simple as possible, we have crafted a template email below to send to these influential members of staff:

Hi _____,

As you may know, on November 20th over 200 nonprofit leaders were in town as part of the Charitable Giving Coalition’s annual “Protect Giving Day” event. The Alliance for Charitable Reform (ACR) is a part of this Coalition, which is a group of over 60 diverse nonprofit organizations united over the need to protect the charitable deduction from any cuts, caps, or limits.

During the day we conducted over 160 meetings on Capitol Hill with both Members and staff, warning them of the harmful effects of limiting the deduction. In our Senate meetings we also circulated the attached “Dear Colleague” letter from Senators Wyden and Thune that asks Finance Committee Chairman Baucus and Ranking Member Hatch to protect “the full value and scope of the charitable deduction during a comprehensive rewrite of the tax code.”

Even though the prospects for tax reform this year are dim, we hope your boss will use this opportunity to voice their support for this critical provision that is a lifeline for those Americans most in need.