12 July 2017

Recognizing Champions for Charity: National Christian Foundation

The Alliance for Charitable Reform (ACR) will meet with congressional leaders on July 13 to discuss issues affecting the charitable sector, such as the potential effect of tax reform on charitable giving. ACR will bring nonprofit executives from across the country to D.C. for the event entitled “Champions for Charity.”

To celebrate these philanthropic “champions,” ACR will highlight a few of the attendees and their giving in the days leading up to the event. To see previous achievement highlights, please visit the ACR blog. Today we highlight some of the work of the National Christian Foundation.

National Christian Foundation
The National Christian Foundation was founded in 1982 and has since given out more than $7 billion in grants to more than 40,000 charities. In 2015, the National Christian Foundation gave $960 million in grants to churches, ministries, and charities; created 2,100 new giving funds; and received $1.4 billion in gifts, including $360 million in asset gifts. Featured below are a few of the charities the Foundation supports.

Movement Mortgage
In 2008, former NFL player Casey Crawford created Movement Mortgage during the financial meltdown. His company became the fastest growing mortgage bank in the nation with 4,000 employees who serve one out of 60 homebuyers in the U.S.

Casey’s main goal was to give away a large portion of corporate profits each year, which he does with the help of National Christian Foundation. Casey’s company has given away over $10 million to local churches and ministry partners. Casey and his business partner, Toby Harris, plan to give 100 percent of Movement Mortgage’s shares to the Movement Foundation and continue to run the company as normal.

Read more about Movement Mortgage here.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation (Dallas, TX)
In 2016, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, along with two other women, founded the Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation, an organization dedicated to giving young women cosmetic coverings on their prosthetic limbs. When Lauren lost her left arm and eye in an accident in 2011, it was unclear whether she would be able to walk or talk again. After she was healed, she felt she was missing a part of herself. The confidence she received from her cosmetic prosthetic was critical in her return to normal life and helped return a sense of wholeness she had struggled with since the accident. She took the confidence she gained from her prosthetic and through the NCF has created a foundation that will help other young women and girls afford high-quality cosmetic prosthetics for themselves.

The Foundation has not yet distributed prosthetic coverings, but has the resources to offer two, which they estimate will cost around $12,000 each. They’re continuing to solicit donations in order to grow the Foundation and gift as many cosmetic prosthetics as possible.

Hear the story of the Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation on the National Christian Foundation podcast.

Thomas Aquinas College and the Moody Center (Northfield, MA)
In 2009, Hobby Lobby purchased the historic Northfield Campus in Northfield, Massachusetts. Hobby Lobby wanted to find a suitable organization that would use the property to teach Christian values and education. Hobby Lobby entrusted NCF to find a suitable benefactor for the campus.

In February 2017, the National Christian Foundation gifted the Northfield Campus to Thomas Aquinas College and the Moody Center. Thomas Aquinas College currently educates students on its southern California campus. Due to the addition of the Northfield Campus, Thomas Aquinas College expects to enroll an additional 350 to 400 students to attend classes, doubling the total size of its student body.

A small portion of the campus was given to The Moody Center, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the evangelical heritage of D.L. Moody. The Moody Center plans on restoring many historic parts of the campus, including the Moody Auditorium, which seats 2,200 people.

Read about the Northfield Campus and D.L. Moody here.

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