Social Media Examples

Social media is a simple and effective method for reinforcing our message with the offices that were visited. We encourage you to share blog posts or articles supporting our position with members of Congress. You can also periodically mention them and encourage them to expand the charitable deduction.

Below are a few samples of updates that can be used on social media:

• Tax reform made the charitable deduction unavailable to more than 85% of Americans. A universal charitable deduction would make available to all Americans. [Member] please #ProtectGiving.

• Tax reform made the charitable deduction unavailable for more than 85% of Americans, which will erode how much Americans give to charity. A universal charitable deduction will protect our charities by preserving and expanding charitable giving.

• This [letter/blog/article] explains how tax reform unintentionally eliminated the charitable deduction for 85% of Americans, [Member]. [link to blog/article] #ProtectGiving

• The Charitable Deduction is good tax policy – Congress should make it even better by expanding it to all Americans. [Member] #ProtectGiving

• Instead of offering a charitable giving incentive to fewer people, why not make it available to all Americans? [Member] #ProtectGiving

• Imagine how [your town/city] will be served if  the charitable deduction was open to all Americans, [Member]. Please #ProtectGiving

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