03 October 2017

Jumpstarting Entrepreneurship in Your Community

Jumpstarting Entrepreneurship in Your Community
Hosted by The Philanthropy Roundtable, in partnership with the William Davidson Foundation

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Strong entrepreneurial communities are prized for their innovation, dynamism, job creation and economic growth.  And while it’s easy to name a handful of prominent startup cities – San Francisco, Austin or Las Vegas, for example – all is not well on the start up front.

Fewer businesses launch each year, and the ones that do emerge tend to hire fewer people. Further, women and minority-owned businesses remain a small percentage of all startups.

How can philanthropy help reverse these trends by supporting the creation of vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems in their communities? To better understand the opportunities for strategic philanthropic investments, The Philanthropy Roundtable invites donors to explore this and other questions, including:

How is philanthropy helping to promote entrepreneurship and fuel startup communities? What kinds of investments are donors making in their regional areas and what are they seeking to achieve with these investments?  What do we know about the impact of these efforts?  What are some of the metrics and data that have been collected to assess impact?  Where are the gaps in evaluation and analysis?  Are there case studies that showcase lessons learned?  What are the promising efforts on the horizon?

Join us in Detroit, where local and national funders have embarked on the bold goal of returning Detroit to its position as a global economic leader. Recognizing entrepreneurship as a powerful means of diversifying and strengthening the region’s economy, they have invested in building a network of support for entrepreneurs across southeast Michigan.  What can be learned from the ongoing Detroit experience and in turn, what can Detroit learn from others?

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