11 September 2017

Philanthropy’s Job: Empowering Workers in an Age of Automation

Automation, globalization, and other market disruptors are completely changing the nature of work in America. The very people who can least afford to be sidelined – both youth and adults with little education and few skills – are most at-risk of being left out of the evolving economy. It’s philanthropy’s job to empower workers to secure good jobs and build stability in their lives.
Amidst the disruption, new opportunities are developing. As old jobs are eliminated by technology, there is a need for workers who can adapt and utilize the technology that is revolutionizing our increasingly global working world. As these new industries and markets come online, jobs and career tracks emerge.

Please join The Philanthropy Roundtable to explore programs and pathways that funders can support to provide workers with the choice and flexibility to gain buildable skills and increase their immediate earning potential. How are innovative K-12 schools, community colleges and other higher education institutions, along with employers and nonprofits, providing skills-based training? Most importantly, especially for entry-level workers, how are they integrating the training with the essential life skills, social capital, and social networks, to jumpstart work and upward mobility?

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03 October 2017

Jumpstarting Entrepreneurship in Your Community

Strong entrepreneurial communities are prized for their innovation, dynamism, job creation and economic growth. And while it’s easy to name a handful of prominent startup cities – San Francisco, Austin or Las Vegas, for example – all is not well on the start up front.

Fewer businesses launch each year, and the ones that do emerge tend to hire fewer people. Further, women and minority-owned businesses remain a small percentage of all startups.

How can philanthropy help reverse these trends by supporting the creation of vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems in their communities?

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