Jumpstarting Entrepreneurship in Your Community

Strong entrepreneurial communities are prized for their innovation, dynamism, job creation and economic growth. And while it’s easy to name a handful of prominent startup cities – San Francisco, Austin or Las Vegas, for example – all is not well on the start up front.

Fewer businesses launch each year, and the ones that do emerge tend to hire fewer people. Further, women and minority-owned businesses remain a small percentage of all startups.

How can philanthropy help reverse these trends by supporting the creation of vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems in their communities?

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2017 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is The Philanthropy Roundtable’s premier event for philanthropic decision makers committed to strengthening our free society and to exploring, collaborating, and solving our nation’s greatest problems through meaningful and effective philanthropy. 2017 is the 26th year that donors from across the country have met to share ideas, strategies, and best practices, and hear from America’s leading experts in private innovation and forward-thinking policy.

The 2017 Annual Meeting of The Philanthropy Roundtable will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 26-27, with pre-conference events taking place on October 25.

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