Jennifer Stone

Jennifer Stone contributes nearly two decades of experience in comprehensive tax preparation and consulting services to individuals and family groups. She serves clients seeking both a tax professional and a trusted advisor. Her clients include venture capitalists, corporate executives, entrepreneurs at every stage of business development, young families new to wealth, and sophisticated families for whom wealth is not new but multi-generational planning is critical.

She provides tax planning to individuals and their privately-held businesses, trusts, and private foundations to help with charitable planning, cash flow planning, and transaction structuring. Jennifer partners with her clients to develop and maintain personal tax planning strategies that address their evolving needs and objectives, from both a tax-efficiency and a wealthtransfer perspective. She aligns the solutions for both the individual and related entities for mutual benefit.

During Jennifer’s tenure at Andersen Tax, she has tackled such issues as ten-year-long IRS high wealth audits and the intricacies of airplane ownership. Her other practice areas include:

• Flow-through entity tax planning, including passive
activity and at-risk issues
• Family office consulting, structuring, and management
• Tax controversy representation before IRS
• Multistate income taxes

Jennifer was instrumental in founding Metcircle South, a D.C.-area networking group, which meets several times a year, focused on serving the needs of ultra high net worth families, Family Offices, and complex family structures.

Prior to joining Andersen Tax, Jennifer worked with Arthur Andersen where she provided tax planning and compliance services for high net worth individual clients.